Life At 17

Even when it’s not your fault but you still get blamed. How many times has this happened to you?? To me it’s all my life sometimes for being born, being friendly or even just existing. I am just 17 but yet I have learned so much in life at this young age that it freaks me out for future.

I don’t know how to began with this, my mother is really care and kind SOMETIMES and SOMETIMES she can be this changed person who acts as if she is teenager and are her children’s age. She has done many mistakes in life and one of them was conceiving me when she knew she wasn’t in the right mindset to have children. Maybe it’s not her fault maybe it’s her parents fault or her upbringing’s that she blames me for even being born. Don’t get this wrong I love my mother and she does love me but we are poles apart and her frustration comes out on me , I guess because she is a single mother or maybe because it’s the Pakistani culture so consider me like the sun in the picture, standing alone.


Through My Window



This blog Through My Window expresses my current emotions, spreads positive vibes and displays some of my captures. I opened this blog to clear my mind of all the bubbles with which it’s about to explode. Sometimes we don’t tell others how we feel or how we deal (let me tell you these are both very different perspectives) and keep all the words which you want to tell someone inside you. This is my place to free myself with all the words I want to speak and feel free to join me. Here’s a picture below of monsoon summer THROUGH MY WINDOW to make you feel warm in this freezing winter.